What do you think Mom?!?!

by | Apr 10, 2011 | Empowerment & Encouragement | 0 comments

The biggest place I look for validation is from my mother.

That’s the little girl in me that will never grow up.
Naomi Watts  

Is there any one person in your life that you find yourself constantly seeking validation from?  A parent, sibling, friend, partner, boss, etc…

 If you can say yes, don’t feel bad …(we are all needing validation).   The most important thing is to ‘know’ for yourself who you lean to when you need to be affirmed, and then perhaps think about how to have a conversation with this person letting them know how much you value their encouragement.

 I know I know… for some of you the idea of opening yourself up to some of these people might seem challenging, but don’t forget the benefits that might come along with this exercise?  Sharing with others that you value and appreciate their contribution allows THEM to feel appreciated, and could also open the door for them to feel more comfortable in sharing  more encouraging and validating things with you.


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