It’s something we all regularly need in lives.  Validation is hearing from another person, that you are ‘doing ok’.  It’s hearing another person say ‘Yeah… what you’re feeling makes sense’ or ‘I agree with your thoughts/feelings’ etc.

Validation typically is used to describe how ‘true’/‘valid’ something is, however in this context I am referring to how another person leaves you feeling affirmed, supported, and understood.

Every one of us needs to have people in our lives that see where we are coming from, and are able to join with us in agreement and say… ‘Yes I stand in agreement with you, I support you, I am with you, what you are doing/about makes sense’ etc.

I mean it’s probably impossible to ever find someone to stand with you on EVERYTHING you do, and let’s face it, that might not be the healthiest relationship if someone always agreed with you on everything.  What I am stressing though is the importance of having people IN YOUR CORNER.  Having a STRONG sense that someone believes in you, understands you, and supports you.

When that happens your sense of validation increases, and you have more energy to focus on doing all the things you were created to do.

Ask yourself these questions

  • When do I feel most validated?
  • Who are the people in my life that leave me feeling validated
  • Who in my life leave me feeling least validated?

Important stuff to think about and consider, because it really does affect how you see yourself, and how you see yourself IN the world around you.


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