Blue Monday

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     Today is Blue Monday, a term often linked to the most ‘depressing’ day of the year.  While science connected to this date is mixed, it is safe to say that the month of January often brings with it post holiday, winter blues that can contribute to strained mental health.

     As the holiday highs fade, routines resume, bills arrive, and resolutions waver, it’s crucial to navigate this time intentionally for stress management and a positive mindset.

     In the realm of mental health and wellness, acknowledging and discussing emotions is a fundamental aspect. Whether through journaling, confiding in a trusted friend, or seeking therapy, openly addressing feelings can be a powerful step toward better mental health during this season of winter blues.

     For those navigating depression and or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD),  this time of year can be very difficult.  A part of managing mental health involves being intentional about what you are doing (mentally and physically). Staying present, practicing mindfulness, and engaging in activities that renew the mind are essential components of a positive mindset and stress management strategy.

     In a world filled with challenging news, limiting media consumption becomes crucial. Taking in media in small, manageable doses prevents information overload and contributes to a more positive mental state. This approach aligns with effective stress management and mental wellness practices.

     Physical activity and self-care practices also play pivotal roles in stress reduction. Incorporating regular movement and self-care routines into daily life not only aids in managing stress levels but also contributes to overall mental wellness.

     Utilizing a DIY mental health check provides a structured approach to assessing well-being. Regular self-assessment fosters self-awareness, aligning with the broader goal of mental wellness and stress management.

     When managing mental health becomes overwhelming, reaching out to a mental health professional is a proactive step. Trained professionals offer valuable support, aligning with the broader theme of mental wellness during challenging times. As a Registered Psychotherapist and speaker, I have worked diligently, for more than a decade, supporting hundreds in achieving health, wellness, and personal growth. If you want to explore working with me, feel free to book a free telephone consult.

     Remember, it doesn’t have to be a blue Monday or time of year for you. Even if you find yourself feeling low, you have the power to make positive changes and improve your mental wellness.


I am here to support however I can!!!

Wishing you Good health this 2024.

– Colleen

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