Personal Branding Tip #5

by | Feb 20, 2011 | Empowerment & Encouragement | 0 comments

Do what you ‘say’ you do!

If improving your personal brand is your goal, then once you have identified what is special, and unique about you, and once you have established what your ‘purpose’ you need to just do it.

There is no excuse for not doing what you say your ‘purpose’ is so, someway somehow you have to find a way to do what it is you say you do, or what you say you ‘want’ to do.

If you are a writer, then WRITE; start a blog, write for a community paper etc. find an avenue that will allow you to write, and start doing it NOW.  You can’t expect anyone to take you seriously if you ‘say’ you want to do something, but aren’t’ actively perusing it. If your purpose s to speak then begin finding opportunities to share what it is on your heart, join a local toastmasters group or something just find a way to get out there and so your thing!

Having a strong personal brand requires that you are able to ‘confidently’ talk about what you are currently doing (meaning your purpose).  People aren’t going to be able to appreciate what you have to share if it’s something that is shared only between you and God….lol.  Let the important people in your life know what you are up to, so they can keep you accountable in your endeavours, and support you. 

Too many times people want to wait until everything is ‘just right’ or perfect before they begin sharing what they have to contribute with the world.  Truth is there is never a ‘perfect’ time, and if you are waiting for your ‘BIG Break’ DON’T, your big break is right now!! Now is the time to share with the world your gifting, don’t wait any longer!

When you are able to confidently speak about what you do (‘I am a writer’, ‘I am a singer’, ‘I am an entrepreneur’ etc.) people will take notice, and be more willing to hear what you have to say.

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