Personal Branding Tip #4

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Be Consistent

If you want to improve your personal brand, and demonstrate what makes you special and unique, it’s important to be unswerving in who you are, and what you bring to the table.

A few days ago I asked the question ‘what words describe you’ in an effort to help readers think about their uniqueness and the qualities that make them ‘stand out’.   Knowing this for yourself is great, however improving your personal brand, and how others see you involves being able to ‘show’ the world all those things about you that are so ‘great’. 

It is important to stay true to who you ‘say’ you are, and work at being that person all the time.  Now, I know you can’t always wear the same ‘hat’ and there are obviously times when you will be a bit different given the setting (i.e. at work, chilling with family and friends etc.) but for the most part the core sense of who you are should remain the same regardless. 

If you are considering improving your personal brand then you need to know who you are and try to BE the same person with all the people you meet/interact with.  So if you ‘say’ you’re a sweet, kind and positive person, and you show that to the people at work, home, and church then don’t get in the car and start honking, and swearing in a fit of road rage, or cuss out the cashier/waitress.  BE true to who you are… or at least who you ‘say’ you are.

If you notice a discrepancy in your character and you aren’t able to be consistent with the qualities you say are important to you, then maybe you need to take a step back and re-evaluate what’s really important to you. There is a scripture that says that from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks(Luke 6:45), so there is no point trying to ‘fake the funk’ eventually what’s inside WILL come out, and people will see who you ‘really’ are.

No one is perfect and the truth is we have ALL have some work to do, so if you notice that you are not being consistent in who you say you are vs. who people see you to be, then take some time and ‘check yourself’ and think about the areas that need some improvement, and start working on them.


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