Personal Branding #6

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Positive Outlook

My final tip for improving your personal brand is having a positive outlook.  Let’s face it; nobody likes being around a negative person, so it is VERY important for you to work on having a positive outlook if you want to develop, and improve your personal brand.

What usually happens after a person with a negative outlook leaves the room?  Are they remembered as the person people enjoyed spending time with? Do people talk about how pessimistic their outlook on life is and how encouraging and inspiring it was to be around them? N-O!!!!! BIG No!!! Let me repeat myself again.  NO BODY LIKES BEING AROUND A NEGATIVE PERSON… It is NOT Attractive!! So don’t let that negative person be you!

Working on having a positive outlook starts with noticing what you are thinking about.  If negative words are leaving your mouth, then there are negative thoughts in your head, and THAT is the first place to begin doing the work.

How we think affects how we feel, and then eventually what we do, SO if you want to influence others in a positive way, begin to think about positive, empowering, and truthful things.  Doing this (thinking positive thoughts) will increase your energy, sense of happiness, and will help you become a much more pleasant person to be around.    

And don’t think you can fake this one… as I shared in my post on Saturday what is inside will come out, so if you are thinking negative thoughts you are likely sending off negative vibes. It’s one thing to ‘say’ you have a positive outlook, but when a person is around you long enough the truth WILL come out. 

This is an area that requires constant work (maintaining a positive outlook) but when you are committed to improving your outlook I promise you… IT CAN BE DONE.

  • Surround yourself with other positive people
  • Check yourself daily (seriously… all day every day) when you find yourself thinking negative thoughts
  • Be intentional about replacing negative thoughts with positive, truthful and empowering ones)
  • Fill your mind with positive and uplifting things (music, books, resources etc.)

So what do you do when you are genuinely down, depressed, or just going through a rough patch.  Well, first things first…. Be encouraged, you are NOT alone, everyone goes through down times, and depression is REAL; it affects between 13-14 million people each year.  When we go through difficult times it’s important to make use of the supports that are out there so I encourage you to be intentional about dealing with it.

  • Find a trusted confidant
  • Find a counsellor
  • Call up your pastor
  • Write in your journal
  • Express yourself through art
  • Take a kickboxing class

Do what you have to do to deal with whatever is getting you down.  Don’t just let it (what’s got you down) sit inside of you and overwhelm you and at the same time, don’t  let it overwhelm the people in your life and their impression of you.


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