Monday November 1st… New Beginning!!

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Sooooooooooooooooooooo here we are… the 1st of the month… and it’s a Monday!!! It seems like just the right time to start something new!! lol (I am a true believer in new beginnings… and I absolutely love new starts in life) I love Mondays… and I love 1st of months, so I have decided to make today my new start or really a re-start to healthier eating.  I recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and I work really hard to maintain a healthy life, however my struggle has always been around maintaining healthy choices related to diet! 

I LOVE sweets!!! I have a ridiculously sweet tooth… And I acknowledge the fact that I am an emotional eater… I crave and eat sweets when I’m happy… And I crave and eat sweets when I’m sad, stressed out or mad… but then… I also enjoy eating sweets when I’m feeling just fine… lol… so you know what… I don’t know how to categorize my issues related to sugar… I just know that I LOOOOVE it… and I know it’s not good for me… so I continue to STRUUUUUGLE with having a healthy relationship with it.

My new beginning today is my attempt to try something new! I have found success with losing weight through healthy eating and exercise, however maintaining weight loss becomes my problem.  I hope that by talking about it on my blog I will somehow feel more convicted to stay on top of this challenging issue.  I mean in reality… I don’t have that many viewers following my blog at this point… however… I do have some… and the hope is to gain more viewers and I imagine that just ‘knowing’ that people are reading my entries  will be a motivating factor in KEEPING MYSELF on track with this endeavour… anyhow… I’ll talk more about this a bit later.. but for now I just want to put this out there… hit publish… so that I can’t go back on my word!!

(A picture of a rose… one that’s fully blossomed and BEAUTIFUL… and just behind there is one on its way to blossoming… and beautification… I like this image as a representation of a new beginning…)


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