I’ve heard it said that failing to plan is basically planning to fail.  So I realize that it is very important that I have a ‘plan of action’ for my Healthier eating… Healthier me program.  Diet (meaning what I eat) is my #1 problem, so I need to have a plan for what I will be eating.   This is a work in progress, and I intend to add to this list as I go but here’s what I have to start.

The Do’s

  • Drink LOOOTS of water (aim for 2L a day)
  • Eat a healthy and wholesome breakfast
  • Eat every 3 hours
  • Always have gum…. so I’m not tempted to snack
  • Plan my meals ahead (prepping my lunches/dinners) the night before ideally
  • Meal planning before grocery shopping
  • Having healthy choices on hand (things that I can make quickly… as I am always on the go)

  • Allow myself treats 2-3 times a week (pre-plan and or pre-packaged treats) This way I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of what I enjoy!!!!

(Pictured above 14 mini rolo’s = 150 cals)

  • Plan ahead when going out to eat or for entertainment (The movies for example…. soooooo tempting… just walking in and smelling that buttery popcorn… and all those other fast food joints… it’s a disaster waiting to happen!!) lol… so it’s important to plan ahead.
  • Work out… Work out…. Work out!!! (at least 4 days/wk)…. I love working out… but keeping it consistent is the key! I most enjoy working out first thing in the morning so setting that alarm and rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn before my family is awake is what has to be done.
  • MUSCLE TRAINING!!! I should clarify the point above… I love CARDIO… and find myself always coming up with excuses as to why I can put off weight training for one more day!! lol  So I bought a book to help guide me along the way “The Body Sculpting Bible for Women”

(Pictured above ‘The Body Sculpting Bible for Women’… and I don’t know why the lady on the cover is naked… seriously…. she doesn’t even seem that sculpted to me?!?!?)

(Pictured above a page out of the sculpting book… I LOVE that they have basic step by step pictures for each exercise)

  • Keeping a food log…. Oh boy… I always fall off with this one… so this will be a BIG one for me.  I always find it helpful to keep a food log, and every time I slip off the wagon with keeping track I find that I’ve lost all control and I’m drowning myself in grape Fanta, while munching on sweedish berries, and some form of chocolate…  (I only wish I were exaggerating… Sigh)

(Pictured above Food journal – Dollarama $2)

  • Get lots of rest… This helps with getting up on time to work out in the morning, and also just waking up feeling refreshed
  • Begin each day with positive, affirming, empowering statements reminding myself that I am capable of achieving whatever I put my mind to (By God’s Grace)

The Dont’s

  • No eating after 9pm (I’d really like to say 7 or 8… but I GOTTA KEEP IT REAL… my lifestyle isn’t conducive to that!)
  • No cheat days… (I’ve made the mistake of allowing myself cheat days… when it would probably serve me better to have a TREAT… (which I spoke to above in the Do’s section)
  • Don’t over do it with the heavy carbs (bread, rice & pasta) 2 times a week (max)
  • This last one may sound silly… but I’m going to write it down anyways…  No talking about my program… I find that talking with friends about what I’m doing somehow jinxes it… does that sound ridic?!?! WELL IT’S TRUE!!!  somehow I find that when I start talking about what I’m doing I fall off.  Maybe I’m just blaming my lack of discipline on foolishness, but either way I’m not going to talk about this with anyone… if they are interested to know what I’m doing … they can read about it on my blog…. lol

So these are just thoughts of what has helped me in the past and or ideas I think would be helpful for me to incorporate.  I plan on writing a follow up/progress blog every Monday, to share how it’s coming along.  at the end of November I’ll reveal what my weight was this morning compared to what it will be then… (YIIIIIIIIIIKES!!!) hehehehe…. Good Luck to me!!!

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