Learning to be less sensitive

by | Mar 2, 2011 | Empowerment & Encouragement | 2 comments

So I am typically a sensitive person, meaning it doesn’t always take much for my feelings to get hurt.  Well…. THIS is an area that I am currently working on, and trying to ‘grow’ in.  Trying to toughen my skin up a bit I call it.  Part of me is fine with my sensitivity, because I believe it helps me be a caring and empathetic therapist, BUT another part of me doesn’t like it, because I HATE getting upset, and allowing the actions of other people to upset me.

So I am reading Joyce Meyer’s Book: Power Thoughts which is a book to help readers understand some things they can think ‘on purpose’ to live healthier lives, and the 4th Power Thought is: I am difficult to offend’ …. lol I seriously have to laugh out loud for that one, because this is an area where I could use some growth!  So… needless to say I underlined soooo many statements from that chapter, and have marked pretty much every one of the pages within that chapter. 

I figure I’m not alone on this one (needing to improve how easily offended I can be) so I’ll use the next week to talk about this subject more.

So, for today I’ll ask you this:

  • What does it take to offend you?
  • How do people or things that offend you affect your mood and your day?
  • Would learning how to become ‘harder to offend’ improve your life?

Think about that today and perhaps it will serve as a motivator to learn how to stop being easily offended.  I know it does for me… I figure we can learn to do this one together!!! 🙂


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