Don’t give up the power

by | Mar 3, 2011 | Empowerment & Encouragement | 1 comment

So learning to be less sensitive actually has more to do with YOU than it does to do with the people who are hurting your feelings. 

What seems so unfair is how another person’s action(s) can impact your mood in a negative way.  If you’re anything like me, when someone upsets me I feel it AAAAAAAAAAAAAALL OVER my body.  My heart races, my blood boils, I become flustered at times, and I can’t sit still, or concentrate.  Now think about this… WHY oh WHY should anyone have the ability to affect another person in this way?  No one deserves this kind of power, and the truth is that I YOU are the only person able to GIVE another person this kind of power.

We HAVE the ability to think negative thoughts about what has been done to us, or we can choose to thing more positive thoughts.  And by thinking positive thoughts I don’t mean just ignoring inappropriate behaviour and pretending it doesn’t hurt; instead I believe we can challenge ourselves to think about what else is going on instead of just FOCUSING on our feeling offended.  So for example when a person says something insensitive, or inappropriate, think about how ‘unaware’ or ‘uncaring’ this person must be to say something like that.  Then perhaps you can even wonder about what has happened to cause this person to become this way (rude, uncaring, unaware etc.)

When we shift the focus off ourselves it opens us up to a lot more, and it can become an opportunity for us to GROW, instead of just be upset and offended.


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