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My very dear friend Adrienne of “Just Imagine” and I host a bi- monthly forum for women called ‘Girl Talk’.  This past Friday October the 22nd we celebrated the success of our last Girl Talk of the year 2010! 

What is ‘Girl Talk’ you ask?

 “Girl Talk” is a forum for women to discuss some of the important issues of life.  It is a forum that provides an opportunity for women to learn something new surrounding the area of discussion for the night.  It also allows women to share some of the resources they might have picked up along the way related to the ‘topic’ for the evening. 

This past Friday October 22, 2010 @ 7:30pm the woman’s forum ‘Girl Talk’ opened up their doors to hear from some men as they shared their views on love and relationships.  The purpose of the night was to have the women get answers to some of their ‘burning’ relationship questions from a man’s perspective.  AND THAT THEY DID!!

We heard from (lft-rt) Lorenzo Charlicombe (Married), Pastor John Scott (Single), Elvis Dennis (Unmarried but in a relationship), Courtland Brown (Single), Jay Martin (Taken), and Pastor Richard Brown (Married).   The discussion was facilitated by Leroy Miller and Raymond Brown (husbands of Colleen and Adrienne).  Each man was very open and candid with their thoughts on issues such as: ‘Where to find a “good” man’, ‘How to tell if your partner is serious and not ‘playing’ you’, ‘Why some men don’t publicly display their affection’, ‘How changing cultural roles are affecting relationships’, and ‘how intimidation plays a role in men approaching women’ (to name a few). 

The night was filled with laughter and fun. The women left learning a little something new, as well as asking for “The Men Speak” Part Two!!!

(Pictured above – Raymond Brown)

As you can imagine the panellists didn’t always agree with each other which added humour as well as diversity to the discussion.  All in all we had a great time, and the woman left feeling entertained along with educated by our guests for the evening.

(Pictured above Leroy Miller)

Due to the busyness of the Christmas season, as well as a very special ‘gift’ my partner in crime is working on delivering in a few weeks lol, we decided to skip the month of December, and we will resume in January 2011;  Log onto www.colleenblakemiller.com  or click here to join our e-mail contact list and stay informed of the next ‘Girl Talk’ and other events.

(Pictured above Colleen Blake-Miller) 

Pictured above Adrienne McKenzie Brown

Special Thanks to

  • My waddling partner in crime Miss Mac
  • Natasha Morris of Gift’d for donating our ‘give away’ basket for the evening

Gift Baskets begining at $25 contact Natasha @ 416-832-3909 or natashamorris900@bell.net

  • Sheldon for capturing the event through the lens of Sheldon Isaac Images

                        web: www.sheldonisaac.com      blog: blog.sheldonisaac.com      

  • Alisha for volunteering her precious time (being a full time student)
  • Sharon for manning the door (even in your lateness… lol)
  • Our handsome AND humorous facilitators Leroy and Ray (Lee’s my maaan so I can refer to his handsomeness… hehe)
  • AND OF COURSE OUR COURAGEOUS PANEL OF MEN: Pastor Brown, Jay, Courtland, Elvis, Pastor John, and Lorenzo… Thank you thank you thank you!!!

p.s. If you or someone you know left a pair of gloves please e-mail me and I will put them in them mail to you.

Click here for a funny video forwarded by one of the women (just meant for laughs)… Thanks Danielle

God Bless,


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