Hello world!

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So this is my first Blog entry!! Yaaaaay!! I created this blog months ago, and have allowed so many things to get in the way of actually sitting down and writing my first entry.  It’s now 12:09 in the morning, and I’m sitting up in bed, with my mini laptop and am determined to hit the Publish button before I fall asleep.

So why was starting this Blog so important to me? Well I am very passionate about being an encouragement in the lives of as many people as cross my path, and I figure that Blogging is one way of reaching people I may never cross ‘physical’ paths with, but could still have a positive impact on over the net….. SO HERE’S TO MAKING A POSITIVE IMPACT!!!!! I also enjoy expressing myself, and find writing/journaling/sharing parts of my story to be very therapeutic. 

A little bit of background…. I am an individual, couple, and family therapist, and I support people wanting to make positive changes in their lives.  I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE what I do, and feel so blessed to be a support in the lives of the people I meet.  My intention is that this blog will be an extension of the work I do daily with my clients, but with more of my personal flare.  I was torn whether I should do a personal or professional blog, and finally decided to do one that’s a bit of both.

Hope you enjoy what I have to share!!! (and now… I get to hit Publish… Yaaaayyy for me!!!!)

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