Day 7

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Day 7

One full week! I made it! Yaaay

So my thought for today is: ‘I will live to eat again!’

What does that mean? Well this is what I have been saying to myself when I get frustrated or sad about my junk reduced diet.  I also say it to myself when the clock is about to strike 7pm and my eating cut off is in place.  I remind myself of this and have found it very comforting.  Truth is that even when I WAS eating real junky I’d stuff my face with a WHOLE lot of food and still not be satisfied.  I ALWAYS wanted more… so I have been reminding myself ‘Colleen… you will live to eat again… so don’t be discouraged or down… tomorrow is a new day and I WILL live to eat more then!’

Not sure if anyone else finds this helpful, but for me it has been VERY comforting!



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