Day 8 – Is this considered a ‘cheat’ day?!?!

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Day 8

Sooooo… I woke up this morning and hit my snooze button 3 times….


Because I was eating pizza in my dream!  YES I woke up to the sound of my alarm and hit the snooze button THREE times because I was having a VERY vivid dream where I was eating pizza.  I mean I could SMELL the meat, and FEEL the taste of the crust in my mouth… it was actually quite an experience.  I even remember thinking to myself in the dream… ‘I still feel so hungry’ as I dug in some more and WOLFED down one more slice.  I remember saying to myself ‘wow Colleen… you don’t usually eat this much… you’ve almost eaten the WHOLE pizza’…. And then I thought to myself ‘hum… I wonder if this will affect how much I weigh when I step on the scale in the morning?!?!’ LOL

Isn’t that so funny?!?! I was in the state of slumber YET I was not able to fully enjoy my cheating LOL and believe me… the way I was feeling in the dream it felt like I WAS having a full out cheating experience… But my oh my it felt so good to NOT have to pay the consequences of my poor choices when I finally got up  🙂

Well it’s almost bed time… so I’m saying goodnight to day 8 and HELLO to whatever pizza I left waiting for me.

Nighty Night!!!


(nice to know I’m not the only one stuffing my face… hahhahahhaha)

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