Day 6…

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Day 6

Well today my little man…. Mr. LJ gets a shout out… because it’s his Birthday!!! Yaaaaaay!!

Aside from being amazed and VERY thankful that another year has come and my little man is one year older, today my focus has been on how powerful the mind is! Once you’ve decided something in your mind it becomes very difficult to shift away from it.  Well at least that’s the way it is for me I guess.

Today is LJ’s birthday and we decided to bring him to Chuck E Cheeses after daycare and I’ve known we were going to do this for a few weeks.  When I decided that I was going to take my fitness/diet regime up a notch I also told myself that when we take LJ out for his birthday I am NOT going to participate in any of the eating.  Firstly because they have limited healthy options, and secondly because it would likely be past my eating curfew.  Well wouldn’t you know that while I was at the restaurant/play place I had absolutely NO cravings to eat anything there.

So while I was on my way home I was thinking about that and realized that the power of what we say to ourselves and decide in our minds is incredible.  I have set a goal, have placed various accountability strategies in place (writing my blog and having my girlfriend check up on me daily), and I have been preparing/reminding myself for the past 5 days that ‘I will not be eating at Chuck E Cheeses…. I will NOT be eating at Chuck E Cheeses’ …… Well I am so happy to report that I was successful.  Yaaaaaaay!!!

So today was a day of celebrating the birthday of my little one AND a day of celebrating another day of success!!! 

I am pleased (Thank you Lord) 🙂


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