Think positive

by | Jan 31, 2011 | Empowerment & Encouragement | 0 comments

Success in every aspect of life begins with a thought; so does failure.  If you think you cannot do or attain something, chances are you will not be able to.  Your mind has that much influence over your life – Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer

It really does take some effort getting into the frame of mind of ‘THINKING  POSITIVE, EMPOWERING, AND TRUTHFUL THOUGHTS”….. But it MUST be done if the goal is a positive and uplifted outlook on life.  Research has proven that how we think affects how we feel, so it’s really in our best interest to THINK positive.  It’s a simple formula, but I’ll be the first to admit the hard part is actually ‘doing it’. (the positive thinking). 

Truthfully, for most of us in North America, we have sooo many things to be thankful for, but because of the culture we live in we spend too much time complaining about what we want to be different, or better.  If we don’t pay attention to that we can easily develop a miserable and discontented attitude.  (stinky stinky stinky!!!)

Nothing in life is perfect, so let go of any desire to strive for perfection (your fighting a losing battle).  To appreciate successes and positive achievements you’ve got to begin to see what you are already doing well.  Stop, notice, appreciate, and celebrate!!!!!

Everybody’s got something to celebrate… now go celebrate something and focus your attention on that for a change.


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