Remembering the person who hurt you…

by | Apr 18, 2011 | Empowerment & Encouragement | 2 comments

I woke up this morning with a particular person on my mind.  It was a person that really surprised me by their actions.  I thought of them in a particular way, and slowly came to realize they weren’t that way at all.  I slowly realized that I couldn’t trust them, or believe what they said to my face, because their actions behind my back proved different.

From my experiences with this person I learned a lot about the world, and the people in it, and I also discovered a few things about myself.   As I continued to reflect on the times I shared with this person I started to feel some old familiar feelings raising up inside of me… Bitterness… Resentment… Hatred…etc. 

As I reflected on things that transpired between us I heard myself begin to say (in my head) ‘what a wicked person… I hope the next time I see her dot…dot… dot’ (I won’t even bait myself out by saying all of what was going through my head) but I’ll say this… It wasn’t good. 

What I was beginning to think about this person wasn’t productive, it wasn’t helpful for me, and most importantly it wasn’t going to help me complete the tasks that have been lined up for me to accomplish today.  So I began to think ‘what was the point of even going through what I did with them?’ and I slowly (after letting go of my desire to just think negative thoughts about them) discovered that God allowed me to go through that experience to help me grow… FULL STOP!

God didn’t allow that person to hurt me/disappoint me/let me down… etc. so that I would become bitter inside and develop hateful thoughts about them or the world around me, He allowed me to experience what I did so that I could grow in wisdom… so that I could learn how I DON’T want to treat others or leave them feeling… so that I could be reminded about how desperately we (society/the world) needs Him (and the list goes on and on..)

So instead of letting my memory of that past hurt drag me down today… I decided to write a blog that will hopefully uplift and encourage another person who might be going through something similar.  God didn’t allow you to get hurt, betrayed, offended, disappointed, let down… etc. to leave you feeling broken, bitter, resentful, hateful, etc. You went through it because there was something in that experience that can make you become a better YOU.  So please don’t lose sight of that, and definitely don’t give into the temptation to think overly negative thoughts about others (it really only ends up hurting YOU).

Hope you have a Beautiful Day!!


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