Getting rid of a BAD attitude

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No one likes being around a person with a bad attitude, but if we are honest, we have all experienced being at a place in life, where our attitude has NOT been good.  I believe that a bad attitude begins with some kind of ‘upset’ feeling that begin deep down inside of us, that eventually  makes its way onto the outside, where people can see  it.

Many times people have good grounds for feeling upset, but by the time it translates into a ‘bad attitude’ for others to see, the focus gets shifted from what has upset them, to the impact they are having on others around them (i.e. you may hear people say: ‘what is up with YOU’, ‘what is YOUR problem’, ‘what’s with the A-TTI-TUUUDE?!?!)

So the 1st step I would suggest for getting rid of a ‘bad attitude’ is to figure out what it is rooted in.  What has happened or what was done to you that has caused you to feel upset inside.  If that seems like ‘too big of a task’ then the likelihood is that there are probably SEVERAL things that has upset you, and you’ve got to take some time to sort through all of what you’re feeling.

2nd step – Once you’ve discovered  what has upset you, you’ve got to determine what needs to be done to bring you back to a place of feeling ‘at peace’ within yourself.  Maybe you need to talk with someone who has upset you, or maybe you need to do something that is going to correct a negative thought/belief that popped up by the action of another, or maybe you just need a hug.  Whatever the case, your work is to figure out what you are needing, then go about trying to get that need taken care of.

3rd you’ve got to be honest with yourself and admit that your attitude is stinky :s  There’s no way you can get rid of a ‘bad attitude’ if you won’t admit that you’ve got one.  Don’t be afraid to go to the ‘mirror’ (metaphorically) and check out how things are looking.  Do yourself and the people around you a favor and take a retrospective look within, to see what’s not operating the way you’d like it to be.

4th Begin working at correcting your negative thought process that has allowed you to maintain the ‘bad attitude’.  If someone hurt your feelings by being rude to you, don’t allow the thought ‘well… I’m going to give them back a rude attitude if they are going to be rude to me’ to remain in your mind.  Think about what is going to allow health and wellness to flow into your life, and focus your mind on THOSE things ex. ‘wow, she is pretty rude, but let me not stoop to her level and be rude back, let me be the bigger person’.  Not an easy thing to say or do, but again I encourage you to think about what is going to allow health to flourish in your life?! And I would encourage you to strive after THAT above all else.

Maintaining a healthy attitude is an ongoing process in life, as there are many things that try to get in the way of doing so, but with intentionality and determination it can be attained, as long as you REALLY want it!!


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