Day 5 and still going strong!!!! I’m so excited, and amazed. 

The hardest part of the fast has been abstaining from all sugar!!  For those who know me well, they know the relationship I have had with sugar, and how meaningful that relationship has been to me … lol.  Sugar was there for me when I was lonely, when I was sad, mad, or just bored, sugar was there when I was celebrating something special, or just to help me express my happiness and joy.  Aaaaaaaahhh… me and sugar… it’s truly been a wonderful friend!! 

It all started when I was a little girl…. I was a very very hyper child, and my mother (a nurse) got the idea that if she limited the sugar I had, then it might calm me down.   Well I don’t know if that helped or not (in my childhood), but the MINUTE I was old enough to go to the corner store, and buy candy on my own …IT WAS OOOOOOOOOOOOOOVER!!!!! I made up for EVERY candy, chocolate, piece of cake, or gum I was denied in my childhood. 

I used to scrounge up every penny I could find (yes pennies… cuz back in those days they sold mini Swedish berries for 1cent a piece…) and I’d buy whatever my little change purse could afford.  If I had 50 cents or if I had $5.00.  It would all be spent at the corner store.  I knew no boundaries… hahahah. I would walk to school stop at the corner store to get candy… eat it on my way there… and then on my way home from school I’d stop again and eat candy on my way back.  I remember one of my friends (Jessica) would say to me…. ‘ummmm Colleen… don’t you think you eat a lot of candy… one day it’s going to catch up to you… ‘ I smiled at her as I tore back the wrapper of my snicker bar and said… ‘Oh Jessica… I’ll be fine’… hahaha I was so oblivious to the kind of habit I was setting for myself. 

Well my love for sugar never waned I was NOT the kind of lover who would stray away to other interests… I WAS COMMITTED!!! HARD CORE SUGAR LOVER FOR LIFE!!!!!  lol


The challenge to kiss sugar (along with meat and refined flour, alcohol etc.) goodbye for 21 full days!!! I mean I’d done diets before where the caloric intake was minimized to the point you were left with just enough energy to breath, and I’d been able to do it for a while, but to be very honest, I was miserable almost every step of the way.  I was losing weight, but I was angry… I was angry because I was hungry!!! (all my sisters who have done the Dr. Bernstein diet can I get an AMEN!!… I was an angry, starving skinny girl (ok… well not skinny… anyone who knows me knows I’ve never been skinny hahahaha) I’d be haunted by horrible cravings, and would be scheming ways to indulge a little here or there (aaaaah the beloved ‘cheat day’).  So when the idea to do the Daniel Fast came along, I thought… OK… New Year… New You girl… One of my major goals this year is to increase my ‘self discipline’… learning to say NO to myself! and so doing the fast I thought would be a great opportunity for that… And to my surprise I have learnt that it IS possible to say NO to Sugar… and still be happy, excited about life, and energized.

Someone may be reading this and thinking aaaaah well it’s only been 5 days, wait till she gets to day _______ well WHO CARES about the struggle I may face on day _______ I’M FOCUSED ON TODAY!!! And today I FEEL GREAT!!

I am sooooo thankful for the strength God’s given me to make it to DAY 5, and because of my ability to make it to 5 days I know I have the strength to make it to day 6, 7, 10, 15, 20 AND 21… (and beyond)… Yes, who knows what my love affair with sugar will look like after my 21 Day Daniel fast is over.  Ever been away from a lover for a while and begin to notice how different they’ve begun to look over the time they’ve been absent?  Well I’m beginning see my beloved sugar in a different light… so we will have to wait and see what the future hold for SUGAR AND I.

Have a great night… in 45 minutes I will officially be onto day 6!!!!! Yaaaay!

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