Ok… it’s day 20… yay!!

 I must say I’ve never seen 20 days go by slower… lol… Seriously! I typically say time flies, but these past 20 days have been going by at a bit of a snail pace.  But THANK GOD… I made it!!! I am so happy to be in the 20’s yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! 

I thought I’d share a few of the points I’ve learned along the way of the fast, for those who are considering doing the fast, or are doing the fast and are needing a little boost/encouragement.

What I’ve learned/been reminded of over the past 20 days:

  • That all things are really possible if your faith stays strong and rely upon strength from God
  • That I CAN say no to sugar
  • That I have the ability to exercise self-control
  • That growing involves ‘growing pains’
  • Just because something doesn’t feel comfortable doesn’t mean  you can’t do it
  • The more you push through the discomfort is the more bearable it becomes
  • Pushing through the discomfort is actually VERY empowering
  • That life long learning doesn’t just mean hitting the books, or being in a class room there is a lot you can learn just ‘being with’ yourself – uninterrupted by life’s typical distractions
  • There is power in numbers, and having an accountability team is so important

So… Tomorrow is the BIG day…

Day 21!!!! I’m excited and nervous at the same time….But most of all just THANKFUL!!!

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