Are you Nuts: Maintaining your mental health

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I facilitated a workshop today called: “Am I Nuts: Maintaining your Mental Health” So I figured I’d share some of what I focused on in the workshop this week on my blog.  So in the area of maintaining our mental health there are 3 main components:

1)      Getting Physical

2)      Eating Healthy

3)      Managing your Stress

So the First step to maintaining ones mental health is being intentional about being physically active by making a point to involve yourself in aerobic activity. 


It has been said that even 5 minutes a day of aerobic activity can increase ones mood, decrease anxiety and can stimulate the production of endorphins.  For those who feel that they don’t have the energy to work up to a vigorous work out the good news is that the physical activity doesn’t have to be extremely strenuous or arduous.  The idea is to work up a sweat for at least 5 minutes and make a point of doing so 2 -3 times a week.

Getting physical can counteract the symptoms of depression, can improve body image/self esteem and gets you interacting with other people.  More and more research is demonstrating that exercise is now being seen to be as effective as psychotherapy and is now being prescribed as one of the treatments for depression and anxiety.

So if GOOD mental health is your goal… get out there and GET PHYSICAL!!!!!

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