13 Days of Love – Day 6

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1 Corinthians 13:6

6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

  • Love Stinks…
  • Love Hurts…
  • I’m doing this (hurtful thing) because I love you
  • If you love me you would do ______________ (hurtful thing)


            (if you’ve felt, thought of believed the following things… IT’S A LIE!!!!!!)

My mind has just been filled with so many LIES I’ve heard people say about Love, or things people say they do because of Love, that is soooo far away from what the TRUTH of what love really is.

When I think about ‘evil’ I think overall about things that are hurtful and destructive, yet I’m sure you can think of so many examples of times people have hurt others and done things that are destructive under the guise of ‘love’.

Well, truth is that REAL Love rejoices, delights, gets excited, and goes after TRUTH!  So, if you’ve somehow accepted some form of a Lie or Injustice because you Love someone… LET the truth be told… accepting any form of evil; delighting in it, laughing about it; being light hearted about it, has NOTHING to do with REAL LOVE



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