Where are you going tomorrow?

by | Apr 5, 2011 | Empowerment & Encouragement, Goal Setting | 1 comment

You are today where your thoughts have brought you.  You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.

–          James Allen

Ever wonder where you’re ‘going’?  Just take a minute and review what you’ve been thinking about?  If you’ve been thinking about progressive, positive, and uplifting thoughts, then you’re probably heading to progression.  If your thoughts however are filled with negative, defeated, and depressing thoughts, then you are probably not headed anywhere good.

Take a moment and ask yourself these questions…. Where have my thoughts led me today, and where do I need them to lead me tomorrow?  Once you’ve answered the second question, I encourage you to continue to focus on THAT… and filter out any other negative and discouraging thoughts that might get in the way of achieving that goal.


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