The Battle is not yours

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A VERY powerful song… that I found myself humming today.  To me it’s most powerful hearing it being sung by Yolanda Adams, but even on their own the words really hit home!!

Hopefully this will be an encouragment to you too!

There’s no pain
Jesus can’t feel
There is No hurt
That He can not heal
All things work
According to his the masters purpose and his holy will
No matter what you’re going through
Remember that God only wants a chance to use you
For the battle is not yours
It’s the Lord’s

There’s no sadness
Jesus cannot feel
And there is no sorrow that the master is not able
And willing heal
Remeber that all things work
There not going to be all good but they shall work
According to Gods purpose and his holy will
No matter what, no matter what you’re going through
Remember God sees all, and he knows all
and he only wants to use you
For this battle it’s not yours
It’s the Lord’s

This battle is the Lord (Its the Lord)
Yes It’s the Lord (Its the Lord)
You Gotta Hold your head up high
You belong to the most high God
You Don’t need to fright
It’s the Lord(Its the Lord)
It’s the Lord(Its the Lord)
Yes it’s the Lord(Its the Lord)

No matter what
You’re going through
Remember its going to be alright
He’s just using you

No matter what
You happen to go through right now
Remember this will be a memoy
God is only using you
You got to have faith
You got to know in your heart
No matter what comes
No matter what goes
God loves you
he loves ya(7x)

And this battle is not yours
He needs a chance to prove to your enemies
That he is God

So what you gotta do is
Hold On! (4x)
Dont Give Up (4x)
Step out on the plate (2x)
Step out on the word of God

This battle is not your Nooo(2x)
If you dont understand anything
know that you been set up by God to be blessed
Understand that its gotta work this way
Understand that God knows, God knows
God knows what you need.
Before you really need it.
He knows how to move ya
He knows how to take u around the enemy
He knows how to hide you
In the comfort of his arms
You’ll have peace, that passes understanding
You’ll have joy like a river ever flowing, ever flowing, ever flowing.

This battle is not your
NO Tell the Devil
NO, this battle is not mines
This battle is not mines
I dont have to fight it.

No matter what it is
That you’re going through
Hold your head up
Stick your chest out and remember he’s using you

For this battle is not yours alone
This battle is not yours, no
You can not handle it all by yourself
No, no, no, no, no, no,

This battle is not yours
The lord is the only one who can fight it
He wants to use you as his vessel
So be open to him

The battle it’s not yours
It’s the lord

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