So I have officially banned myself from writing any blogs until after Nov 13th.   I will be hosting a Woman’s Retreat  Nov 13th, and there is still quite a bit of work that I have to do to get ready for this event.  At the same time I have a nagging voice in my head telling me that I need to post an update on my blog.   I have to post an update about my ‘Healthier eating… Healthier me’ and I have also had a few great blog ideas that I’ve begun writing that I want to finish up and post… BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT the fact is that preparing for the retreat needs to take precedence over updating my blog. 

Procrastination is a tricky little thing, and I know myself well enough to know that as committed as I am to this blog; if I am not careful it could become a distraction from the other ‘more’ important things in my life (i.e. sleep, work, family time etc.) so I’ve got to make a point not to mis-prioritise (is that a word?!?!? well it is a word in this blog.. lol). 

How I know that procrastination is trying to woo me is when I find myself in the midst of a difficult task… and that annoying voice comes in my head and says… ‘oh.. didn’t you need to google this that or the other’… or I come up with a funny status update for facebook… or I feel an overwhelmingly strong need to put on a load of laundry.  Then what will inevitably happen is I do that thing… and become distracted, get off task of what I should have been working on in the first place.  Procrastination is the answer to an uncomfortable feeling/task, so instead of dealing with the difficult thing we do something else.  Kinda like what I’m doing right now… lol …. see in my head I want to keep typing more about procrastination but more than that… I’m avoiding what the work I SHOULD BE DOING!!! So I’m going to just end this blog right here, hit publish and will come back to the procrastination discussion AFTER THE 13TH OF THE MONTH!!!!



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