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Pre-contemplation is the 1st stage of change.

This can be identified as the ‘denial’ stage, during which you don’t really acknowledge that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

One indication that you might be at this stage is perhaps you have had a lot of complaints from the people in your life, or you notice that things aren’t going along as smoothly as you would like. At this point you may not be admitting that something you are doing needs to change, however some people in your life (spouse, boss, children, close friends etc.) might be trying to convince you that a particular area in your life is problematic.

If you think that you might be at this stage you can ask yourself a few questions:

• At what point would I identify (fill in the blank) area of my life is a problem?

• Have I ever tried making changes in this particular area before?

• What would have to happen to consider this area if my life a problem?

Prior to moving into the next stage we all go through the pre-contemplation stage, where we aren’t aware, or aren’t able/ready to admit that we have a problem. If you find yourself in this place don’t feel bad, it’s just a part of the process of change.


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