So yesterday we took a stress test to see how ‘vulnerable’ you are to stress.  If your score was high (30 and above) I would recommend that you start to seriously consider how you will manage the stress in your life in a healthy way.

Much of the questions of the survey yesterday are ‘controllable’ items, which you can actually DO something about… so it’s up to you whether you will or will not make a concerted effort to decrease your level of stress.

Having an overload of stress in ones life can contribute to feelings such as: confusion, loss of concentration, loss of humor, anger and irritability.  Although there are benefits to moderate amounts of stress (increased energy levels, enhanced alertness and productivity) it’s important to remember it’s about BALANCE!!

Sooooooooooooooo  my question to each of you reading this.  Considering that we are all alive and the fact that we all have stress in our lives (can’t run and can’t hide from it) what are your techniques for dealing with your stress?

Think about that, and tomorrow we’ll discuss some techniques/strategies for stress management

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