Love Language #5

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Physical Touch

Once you discover that physical touch is the primary love language of your spouse, you are limited only by your imagination on ways to express love.  Coming up with new ways and places to touch can be an exciting challenge.  If you are not accustomed to holding hands in public, you may find that you can fill your spouse’s emotional love tank as you stroll through the parking lot.  If you don’t normally kiss as soon as you get into the car together, you may find that it will greatly enhance your travels.  Hugging your spouse before she goes shopping may not only express love, it may bring her home sooner.  Try new touches in new places and let your spouse give you feedback on whether he finds it pleasurable or not.  Remember, he/she has the final word.  You are learning to speak his/her language.

The five Love Languages by: Dr. Gary Chapman pg. 115

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