Just be yourself

by | Aug 23, 2011 | Empowerment & Encouragement | 0 comments

Don’t be afraid or hesitant to be yourself. 

The people who really DO matter… or in other words the people who SHOULD matter to you won’t have an issue with you being yourself.  If you realize that someone you ‘hoped’ or ‘expected’ to appreciate you does not, then take it as a lesson learned that they aren’t one of the people that you should be focused on.  Don’t lose any sleep over it, don’t get upset about it, after all getting upset isn’t going to change them… instead focus on being all of who God’s created YOU to be, and use your energy investing in others who can appreciate all of who YOU are.

Believe me they are out there… and if you spent less time focused on the people who don’t appreciate you, there would be  more time for you to be sharing with the people that really do and should matter to you!


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