How to improve a nasty attitude

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Improving a bad attitude basically comes down to choice.  A person needs to recognize that the way they think is in their control, and begin to utilize their control to think better thoughts (about life, themselves, others, etc.). 

Let’s face it, the world can be harsh at times, and it can leave some feeling down, or negative, but that’s not the way it HAS to be.  In spite of all the unpleasant things that happen in life there are a lot of really awesome things.  It’s up to you whether you want to focus on the good or the bad.

First step to improving a nasty attitude is – Admitting you have one (a bad attitude)

·         If a bad attitude is something that you have then you’ve got to acknowledge it first.  If you wonder about whether your attitude is a bad one or not ask someone close to you, perhaps they can help you along.  Odds are, if you ‘think’ you may have a bad attitude you may want to trust your gut, and begin exploring how you can change it.

Second step to improving a nasty attitude is – Ask yourself what unhelpful thoughts/beliefs are contributing  to your negative attitude (i.e. ‘life sucks’, ‘nothing ever works out for me’, ‘I always screw things up’ etc.)

·         You  are what you  think, so its important to watch what thoughts are floating around in your head, because somehow it makes it’s way out; in the words you say, the things, you do or don’t do, and ultimately your outlook/attitude.

Third step to improving your attitude is – Find a more positive thing to focus on instead of the negative/unhelpful one

·         Instead of thinking about all life’s challenges and what’s not working out for you at the moment, think about what IS good, and what you are currently doing (that’s in your power) to continue to see positive change happen in your life.

o   ‘Life is really tough right now, BUT I’m committed to working day by day and  making positive change happen in my life’

o    ‘People may have negative things to say about me, but I know I’m not who they say I am, I’m not going to let their feelings/opinions about me ruin my day or my mood’

o   ‘I have the faith to believe positive changes WILL happen in my life’

And finally my forth step for improving your attitude is – Surround yourself with positive people

·         MISERY LOVES COMPANY!!! So… If you spend time with miserable people with stinky attitudes they will rub off on you, they will find fault with you and your life and all the people in it.  If you are the person who is always finding fault with others, then YOU need to go find some pleasant and positive people to influence you (hopefully they aren’t reading this blog, cuz they won’t want to hang out with you any more…lol.. just kidding.  But on a VERY serious note, if you are that miserable personwith the bad attitude, you’ve got to seriously consider the people in your life that help to influence/encourage the negative attitude, they aren’t good for you, and you may not be good for them so consider taking a break from the miserable folks in your life and start reading positive books, find some uplifting blogs, articles, and resources to read, and look for people with attitudes that are uplifting that you can spend some time with and see if you can learn a thing or two from them.



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