Half way through the year… How well have you done?

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So… It’s already July 7th which means we are well on our way into the 2nd half of 2011.  I find that the month of July is a great times of year to explore how we are doing with regards to accomplishing what we set out to do at the beginning of the year. 

Instead of waiting to do this in November or December (when it is frankly just about too late) I think we should take time and reflect upon what has been accomplished at about the half way point.

SO……………. Do you remember what you committed to doing this year?  Did you have certain goals you started 2011 going after full force?  If so how have you been doing with regards to accomplishing them? 

I am a BIG advocate for writing goals down and putting them places where you can be reminded constantly about striving after them.  If you are having a hard time remembering what your 2011 commitments were that might be an indicator that you need to do a better job in keeping those ambitions more ‘in your face’. 

If you never actually got around to setting goals for this year, the good news is that it’s not too late, you still have just under half a year (177 more days/25 more weeks) before we are ringing in 2012. 

–          Losing 20 pounds

–          Getting back to the gym

–          Starting a business

–          Saving $5000

–          Going on vacation

–          Paying off some debt

–          Getting a new job

–          Beginning to write that book you’ve always dreamed about

Whatever the goal, you’ve still have lots of time to accomplish it… IF YOU START NOW!!!! 🙂

All the Best, and let me know what goals you come up with!


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