Doing it on my own

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So, I couldn’t think of what I would blog about today so I thought I’d share about something that’s been on my mind.  It’s in reference to health and fitness goals we set for ourselves. 

I have some pretty substantial goals I’ve set for myself, one of which is to reach my goal weight on my own.  By ‘on my own’ I mean without the help of any specific weight loss programs or trainers etc.  I have done the Dr. Bernstein thing, Weight Watchers, Aitkin’s Diet, and have had trainers in the past, and have noticed success with each, however I am (for some reason) really wanting to take on this endeavour (attaining my goal weight) on my own.

Is that such a preposterous idea?  I guess when I get to the bottom of things I’m just trying to avoid needing to ‘rely’ on others to keep motivated in achieving my goal.  I want to be able to set a goal, go after it wholeheartedly, and feel a sense of accomplishment knowing I was creative enough to figure out how to do it on my own.

I’ve been reading a book: ‘The Body Sculpting Bible for Women’ and am really appreciating all the helpful pictures for each of the exercises.  It breaks thing down into muscle groups and even has training routines to follow.

So over the next 18days I will be using some of the ideas from this book and will report any weight loss… NO… let me restate that… I will report HOW MUCH weight loss I’ve experienced lol… and how I feel about the book.

Wish me luck!


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