Day 8 – Daniel Fast

by | Jan 9, 2011 | 21 Day Daniel Fast | 0 comments

Woo whooo!! I made it a week and 1 day! THANK GOD!

Still feeling great, but for a moment today I actually forgot I was on the fast!  I finished doing a very challenging task this afternoon, that took a lot of my energy, and once I was complete I thought to myself… ‘ok… now what will I eat to reward myself’ (a VERY baaaaaaaaad habit I’ve developed over the years… lol), and then I remembered… it’s day 8… and the fast is still on!  A bitter sweet feeling I’ll admit.

So off I went to my home with my family… my husband eating a beef patty, and my kids nibbling on snacks  in the care as I munched on the fruit I’d packed for myself.  Then once home as my husband and kids dug into their chicken bow tie pasta, I sat at the table eating my potatoes and broccoli! Up to today I have found this meal to be very tasty, but I can honestly say that today the broccoli tasted bitter, and the potatoes after a few bites tasted like big pieces of nothing!!

Well I made it to the end of the night, without sneaking a little piece of chicken my kids dropped on their place mat (yes, the thought crossed my mind several times), and I’m thankful that the day is done, and when I wake up I’ll be on Day 9!!!!

Right now… the excitement of the fast has worn of, and it seems my challenge this coming week, will be to continue to find creative way to enjoy what I am able to eat!! Jesus…. GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!

Night night!

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