Day 2 – Bigge…

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Day 2 – Biggest Loser

Well technically this really isn’t day 2, because we started this competition in the beginning of January.  I had a wonderful month riiiiiiight up till we hit February, and then once valentine’s day hit things went down hill for me 🙁  As many know when I plan a ‘cheat’ day I don’t just allow myself a ‘treat’ or two… I basically dive off the deep end and DROWN myself in as much sugar I can get my hands on.  So when Valentine’s day hit  that cheat ‘day’ turned in to a cheat ‘week’ and I struggled the rest of the month to get back into the groove of healthy eating and working out.

So as I mentioned yesterday there is 6 weeks left till the end of our competition and I HAVE to get back into the game and get SEEEEEERIOUS… no more cheating… no more diving…. Just healthy living!!!

So my comments for today are basically related to being thankful that I made it through a VERY tempting lunch.  Today at my company’s wellness/team building day we went to MANDARIN for lunch… CAN YOU BELIEVE IT…. On my 2nd day of my ‘new start’ I am tempted with an ALLLLL YOU CAN EAT Buffet.  Well what I’m happy to report is that I MADE IT THROUGH… without falling off the wagon.  I had 3 plates of food…

1st was of a variety of salads

2nd was grilled chicken, lots of veggies, some sushi,  and a little bit of pasta (which I didn’t finish because it tasted kinda yuk… :s)

3rd was dessert which was a plate of fruit and a few slices of jello… (which again… I didn’t finish because they just weren’t doing anything for me)

My dinner was a smoothie made of fruits mixed with a chocolate flavored Boost

I ended off the night with a workout which consisted of cardio and weight training…. I’m VERY thankful I got through today and hope to remind myself tomorrow, when I’m at the birthday party for my cousin’s little son that I CAN resist eating a slice of cake, pizza and the array of other JUNK food that good old ‘chuck e cheese’ has to offer!!!

Continue to pray my strength friends 🙂

Night Night!

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