Today I’ve been thinking about something I read in Joyce Meyer’s book – Power Thoughts “Success begins with a thought”.  I find that statement very motivating!  I believe that getting to day 18 of the Daniel Fast has come with the practice of thinking and believing that I could really do it (with God’s Grace of course).

I also read somewhere that it takes 21 days to form or break a habit, so in 3 more days I will have developed some helpful things, and hopefully broken off certain unhelpful habits that interfere with achieving the goals I’ve set for myself.  

Spiritually my faith has continued to grown over the past 18 days, and I am happy to report that the DANIEL fast… CAN be done (this coming from a former self proclaimed sugar addict/emotional eater)

Yes, there are 3 more days to go, but I honestly don’t even think about ‘counting down’ because I have decided that life isn’t going back to the ‘old way’ in 3 days… it will continue to be ‘new’, ‘challenging’, and ‘DISCIPLINED’.

I’m excited…. yaaay!!


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