Daaaaaaay 4

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Day 4

So 40 days left …. (Shout out to Esther for reminding me to write my blog tonight 🙂 )

Today was actually pretty straight forward… laying low and staying AWAY from the social scene today helped me BIG time.  As I mentioned yesterday socializing and enjoying the company of friends is SUCH a temptation for me… I generally find myself ‘enhancing’ those times by adding ‘sugar’ into the mix…. What better than the company of the ones you love AND the pleasure of a mouth full of sweets?!?!?!  Right?!?!?….



I basically have to‘re-program’ myself, which is one of the HARDEST things to do (breaking old habits).  Today I wanted to go to the patty shop after church to see what ‘treats’ they had… and I had to STOP myself and remind the NEW me that ‘we don’t do that any more’  🙁

So… all in all I got through the day victoriously (by the Grace of God) and I’m just trusting and believing that tomorrow will be a bit easier than today :s

My thought for today: Breaking cycles is a lot harder than it looks/seems, cuz all it takes is a little slip and you find yourself back to square one…. 🙁 So to those reading this blog repeat after me:

Dear Lord…… 

Please help Colleen not to backslide into old habits this week…..

In Jesus Name…….



Thank you <3


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