Ok, so today I’m baiting myself out!

I continue to struggle with my eating.  I had a great January (thanks to the Daniel Fast) a good February (thanks to my 28 days of fitness) and I’ve been struggling with March.  Fitness isn’t typically an issue for me, I LOVE working out however when my eating is off it affects my motivation to work out. 

Over the past few days (4 I’d say) I’ve fallen off the wagon with my eating, and for those who know me, that means I’m DOWNING myself in a sea of sugar and junk (sooo… not good).  When I’m at this state it affects how I feel, my motivation, and my outlook… AND I HATE IT!!!

SOOOOO IT HAS TO STOP!!!!   I NEED TO BE STOPPED PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I’m baiting myself out on my blog, so that I will FORCE myself to stay accountable.  I need to know that someone is going to read this and then check up on me (I’ve got my faithful few who will actually do that!!! lol) And I HATE not following through on stuff I commit to SO this is my solution to a rough start to the month of March. 

January was my ‘Daniel Fast month’, February was my ‘Fitness month’, and now March will be my ‘Keeping it real and staying accountable month’

Aaaaaaaah….. I’m feeling good already!!!

For those of you who have ever struggled with weight management you will be able to relate to my challenge.  One of the things I’ve found is how much eating affects my life, and I’m soooooooooooooo tired of it! I’m tired of feeling upset with myself for having a bad couple of days, and it’s not just about ‘guilt’ I genuinely feel bad… like my whole body… I guess with age my body is telling me to stop the foolishness and just be healthy! So because this has been a life long journey for me, I have to get creative in what I do, which is why I’m putting my business out there…. and blogging about it

So here are the basics I’m committing to for the rest of this month

  • No bread, rice, or pasta (the heavier carbs)
  • No Junk food (chips, cookies, chocolate, candy etc.)
  • No Fast food (fries, burgers pizza etc.)
  • Minimal sugar (meaning only 1 tea/coffee with sugar a day)
  • Lots of water

Ok… that doesn’t seem that bad does it?!?!! That seems doeable right?!?!?!! RIGHT!!!

And now that I’m about to hit publish it’s a done deal!

Wish me luck!!!

Thanks ya’ll for helping me stay accountable!


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