So… today marks day 27!

Day 27 of WHAT you ask?!?! Well some of the ladies who I did the Daniel Fast with at my church suggested we continue working on our physical health after we completed the fast.  We committed to doing 21 days of fitness (going to the gym, or working out in some way, shape or form) for 21 days straight.  Well I did 5 days, then injured my neck, and after it began getting better I realized we were approaching February, and I thought to myself… why not 28 days of fitness for the month of February?!?!?!  And thank God… here I am at day 27 AND STILL STANDING!!! Lol

Tomorrow will be day 28 and I would have completed my goal!  It really is so true when they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, because as this point I feel like I’ve worked out at the gym everyday for all my life!  It really feels like second nature to me now, and even my eating has changed.  I have managed to lose 16.5 pounds over the past 2 months (yaaaay Colleen!!!) and I notice that even my ‘cheat days’ have changed drastically! In the past I would ‘cheat’ and just go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall out, where now with working out and eating healthier, I just don’t find myself able to over indulge as I once did.

The great news about this is that I feel that I’m getting closer to my goal of ‘self discipline – with my eating’.  One of the areas I’m focusing on for 2011 is increasing my self discipline across the board… ALLLLLL aspects of my life.   January was the Daniel Fast, this month was my eating and fitness, and I am excited about what March holds.  I am still prayerfully considering what area to focus on in March but one thing I know for sure, it will also include a continuation of what I’ve developed so far – working out everyday.

Go Colleen… Go Colleen…. Go… Go….Go… Go!!! 🙂

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